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  • Ben Moskowitz

    Django backend tickets

    Hey Popcorn people,

    I've logged all the tickets pertaining to the Django backend for the summer beta release of Popcorn Maker.

    Alfredo's on point for most of these.

    Ones that require some coordination with Butter are tagged butter-crossover:


    Tuesday May 08

  • Bobby Richter

    0.4 and Beyond!

    Hey Popcornia,

    Thanks for shipping 0.4. Go kick the tires, it's a pretty sweet piece of software. In particular, we've got some great media and template support to hack around with now, much of which can be seen on (temporarily).

    Development on the software is going great. The team is growing and we are making bigger strides month after month.

    Coming up next: 0.5, aka "Pulp Fiction"

    We wanted to fill you in on what makes the next release, 0.5, so special.

    Firstly, 0.5 will be our first release running with a Django back-end to support the SDK and template ecosystem that 1.0 demands. Alfredo Aguirre (alfredo) is leading this effort, so say hi if you see him in IRC. Jon Buckley (jbuck) has also been hacking on a system to serve individual pull requests to make reviews and testing dead-simple for developers and future contributors. Eventually this will become our system for hosting deployment channels (more on this below).

    We'll attempt to add a code editor, so users can change the HTML and CSS of their projects. We've been looking at several solutions like CodeMirror and Ace to integrate this feature, so lots of research and experimental feature work will happen this month.

    We'll be streamlining template setup, instituting timeline media fallback, tackling defaults and options for plugins, and refactoring and fixing Popcorn plugins. And, of course, we'll be working on obligatory UI and bug fixes.

    Finally, we will be laser focused on useful, well-designed templates for our summer program for youth filmmakers (more on that in a minute). Kate (k88hudson) will be honing her amazing design skills here to lead this effort.

    We'll judge the quality of our release by how great the user experience is. This is a user-facing release all the way!

    This will be a huge release, but we have an awesome team full of specialization and talent. We're aware of how much experimental work will occur and the likelihood of some bug accumulation, but we'll be sure to make 0.6 more of a maintenance release to help solve that problem. Regardless, look forward to Samuel L. Jackson and $5 Burgers & Shakes at the end of the month as a reward.

    Changes to workflow


    There are many projects in Lighthouse right now, making organization and cross-referencing less than optimal. To fix this, we're consolidating all tickets into a single project: POPCORN MAKER! Ben and I will be sure to organize this as much as possible by tagging tickets and assigning ownership when necessary, but this change will allow for much easier integration across the board.


    As much as lighthouse will change, it's important to note that github repos will not change, since it's still smart to separate our code into its proper compartments. So, we will continue to maintain the butter and popcorn-js repos as before, but there will certainly be others added to the collection, all of which can be referenced cleanly from lighthouse.

    Additionally, we will create a popcorn-maker repo that contains the Django app, all templates, and submodules for popcorn and butter.

    0.5 release schedule

    Because we're replacing Cornfield with a more significant Django application, this month's release will follow a slightly different schedule.

    On May 29th, we'll institute a code freeze for Butter 0.5. Until June 5th, we'll thoroughly test this Release Candidate until we're confident there are no show-stopping bugs. Then we'll deploy with the current environment represented by

    Between June 5th and June 15th, we will work to merge and deploy Butter 0.5 with Alfredo's Django back-end work, which currently lives at

    This will result in a new repo, which will live at, and a refresh of This repo will represent our effort to create a Wordpress-style application environment with the new Butter SDK / Django app infrastructure, which is our eventual goal with 1.0 breaking the horizon.

    Summer testing with Popcorn Story Camp

    You're probably excited to see people in the real world using Popcorn. Good news: you won't have to wait long. Starting June 23rd, hundreds of kids will be using Popcorn to make cool stuff. Check out for more.

    Because Popcorn Maker is the central part of this program, the software has to be ready for them and something that we're proud of. Users need to be able to load a template, pick a media, add events, log in and share without any show-stopping bugs. If users encounter any bugs that stop them from making and sharing a project, we may lose them forever!

    To make sure that we are ready for the summer testing, and to up our QA game, we'll be instituting a manual test suite for all Release Candidates going forward. This should help us create a set of Selenium tests for Popcorn Maker as well.

    Our target for public deployment of this integrated Popcorn Maker is June 15th. Stay tuned for more details.

    What's next

    Look to a message from Dave Humphrey for more details on this month's workflow.

    We're tracking toward November with a monstrously awesome piece of software. Keep hacking!

    -Ben and Bobby

    Thursday May 03

  • Rick

    Receiving Tickets?

    Posted by Rick on Mar 17th | 3 comments | 0 attachments

    Is there a way to be notified of all tickets? I had no idea any of these had ever been filed.

    Thursday Mar 17

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