Documentary Filmmaking Team

Jighar is making a documentary film. He's been awarded $75k from the Tribeca New Media fund, so he has money to hire people and put together a team. Jighar's not an engineer, but he wants to be involved in the creative process.

He puts together a team that includes Brian, an experienced Javascript developer and popcorn hacker.

Brian forks the pieces of the Butter SDK he needs to build a custom version of Popcorn Maker. He installs the Cornfield server via a Node Package Manager.

Jighar then works with others on his team to create the content, page styles, interactions, and other elements that must be assembled to create his final product.

These pieces are woven together into a custom Web App that Jighar uses to produce a web-native documentary.

Custom White Label

PBS NewsHour wants to allow users to annotate political speeches.

They contract Cole, an experienced Javascript developer and popcorn hacker. He consults their in house-team.

Cole forks the entire Popcorn Maker stack - ButterSDK, Cornfield and the Popcorn Maker site.

The Newshour team designs their own styling to Popcorn Maker. They host the app and the creations it produces.

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Popcorn Maker: Software package encompassing several sub-projects in order to deliver an entire popcorn experience.

Butter: Foundation for Popcorn-powered apps (including Popcorn Maker). Track data management, UI construction, other good stuff.

Cornfield: Server infrastructure to store and share popcorn-and-butter-based user data.

And other projects to allow maximal popcorn usability.

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